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Xenon Theme layout can be combined in many variants with sidebar and horizontal menu and offers a set of toggles (links) to manipulate with the theme layout. These features are enabled if you import js/xenon-toggles.js script in the document.

See Layout Variants

Layout Toggles
Links that will automatically collapse or expand side panels, chat or user settings pane.

<a href="&rvpu;#&rvpu;" data-toggle="sidebar">Toggle Sidebar</a>
<a href="&rvpu;#&rvpu;" data-toggle="chat">Toggle Chat</a>
<a href="&rvpu;#&rvpu;" data-toggle="chat">Toggle Settings Pane</a>
<a href="&rvpu;#&rvpu;" data-toggle="chat" data-animate="true">Toggle Settings Pane</a>
<a href="&rvpu;#&rvpu;" rel="go-top">Go to Top</a>

Layout Variants
9 different layout types with fixed or static scrolling panels